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Marcel Proust

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Walt Bodine Show - Driving Across Missouri and Kansas

The Walt Bodine Show - Driving Across Missouri and Kansas
Here's an interview Ted and I did last spring for our book on I-70 through Missouri. We were honored to be on NPR, but after realizing that over a million people (ok, at least more than 10) could be listening, we got pretty nervous. It was a great time, though, and the staff was very friendly. After being prepped on how to correctly cough on radio (hit the silent button), we were shuttled down the hall into a tiny recording studio.  They dressed us up with super-huge headsets--artificial ears through which we heard ourselves talk, placed a huge microphone in front of us and asked us politely not to move over an inch for the next hour. I failed at one point, and a guy came out and adjusted mine back in front of my face (all while the audience had no clue)-- ah the secret joy of radio faux pas. This pose was difficult for an Italian woman who needs to talk with her hands and for one who needs smiling reassurance. Because I couldn't turn, I could only see Ted out of the corner of my eye and wondered if his face was full of bewilderment, embarrassment, glee, or fascination while I was answering questions. This was definitely a highlight during our I-70 journey!

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  1. When I entered the studio the friendly staff at KCUR told me I had the perfect face for radio.