"The real voyage of Discovery lies not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes"
Marcel Proust

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mile 78 Masterpiece in the I-55 Gallery

What's the difference between art and graffiti along the highway? There is a beautiful painting under a concrete overpass at mile 78 (best seen southbound) along Interstate 55 in Illinois that I enjoy every time I drive by. It looks like a spinning propeller or rectangular shards of glass spinning and blending in various shades of dark and light blue. It took time and care to create this professional-looking image hung in the I-55 gallery. It's no haphazardly sprayed peace sign or "So-and-so loves So-and-so" message. It hangs nicely under the bridge, protected from the sun’s bleaching rays and the scrapes of hailstones and tornado debris. I want to know who the artist was, why it was painted here, and why the highway department has allowed it to remain.

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